Iodine Flavored Triangles (my music)

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  1. Well as I said earlier, I would release a single this week. And I delivered. Electronic music. Link below.

    ENJOY! :)
    Note: Still a work in progress, so don't be hating.
  2. I really liked the sounds you used in that track. The drums were very crisp, and the synth had quite an interesting tone to it. I especially liked the end (at about 2:30 and onward) as to how you mixed the synth together with other synth patterns.

    Now the thing is, I feel that this was just a bit too repetitive. Perhaps add some changes or additions (perhaps around 0:35?) to add some more flare to the track.

    Overall, It was something different, and I like what's going on so far.

    Keep at it penfoldex! :D
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  3. Thanks!!! :)
    Yes, my songs tend to have a bit of repetition in them. I've been trying to change that.
    Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned for the rest of the album! :D
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  4. Repetition. Otherwise awesome.
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