Invisible player on my server?

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  1. On my server there is a player invisible to tab, /list, and /who. All he does is grief and blow up everything! His username is random numbers and letters, like 9fae8837482fhgd834 or something. My server is even whitelisted and he still gets on and he griefs! Anyone know how they are doing this and how to stop them?
  2. That sounds serious, all I can suggest is shutting the server down for now so you can find help on the Bukkit forums or something. (Bukkit has forums, right?)
  3. Admins can make a name like that and mabey he hacked to be invisible. I would check to see if you gave any1 admin and then they left and now theire back and greifing.
  4. Hacking i reckon...?:rolleyes::eek:
  5. Only my best friends (like 5 people) even know about it, and they are all op, but they dont get on my computer, so they cant change their name in my config files.
    Yup... I jsut wonder HOW and HOW to stop them...
  6. Shot down the server for a little while and see if they can still get on..:rolleyes:
  7. Might I again suggest stopping the server file. Type stop in the command box.
  8. After you shutdown, check the properties file, and check who's admin.
  9. Ok well i hope you find the culprit
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  10. I shut down the server and every time i start it back up they get back on :( they covered my whole map in TNT but i used worldedit (//replacenear 1000 tnt 0) to fix that really quick :)
  11. Well maybe you can ban them forever!!
  12. I dont know their username... its random numbers and letters... and IT DOES NOT SHOW UP IN THE TAB, /LIST, or /WHO or IN THE SERVER LOGS... i cant get their username...
  13. Check anyway, you can never be too safe.
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  14. You can still type in their random numbers and letters!
  15. Let's hope some experts get in here soon. I'm the most qualified to help here, meaning I somehow made a semi-functional server.
  16. Well ive run a server for a while on bukkit but ive never had this problem b4...
  17. Can you try to hack to see the person hacking to see the person hacking to see the person hacking? Then you close the server 'n make a new one to make a new one to do it by doing something. Did you get that ;)
  18. Firstly, check your plugins. Did you install one from a non-official source or is there one you don't recognise? If so, remove it - some griefers use this method to gain op access. I'd go to the extend of removing every plugin then re-adding it, just to be on the safe side.

    Secondly, try deopping the random letters/numbers of the name and banning them. Do this after checking for plugins to prevent them reopping/unbanning.

    At a last resort, download the map and config and wipe the server. Then re-add everything, one at a time with whitelisting enabled. Make sure you get everything from the official website, and if possible/needed, install an anti-griefing plugin such as WorldGuard or Residence and disable OP all together, switching to permissions can sometimes help.

    Also, if you have essentials, /whois the "name" and IP ban using the info provided. It's not foolproof, but there's a chance it will help.

    Edit: close your ports too! That way, you can prevent all forms of attack until a solution is found.
  19. But she doesnt know the name . . .
  20. You're getting DDOS'ed...
    Or proxied. Either way, it's quite serious that somebody found your IP.