invisible player bug in wastelands

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  1. just fixed a bug where i had invisible players in wastelands

    the problem was caused by the better hud mod conflicting with another mod.

    heres my install

    Original Minecraft Launcher

    Better HUD by NukeDuck [1.9.4][1.3.8]

    BetterFps-1.3.1 NOTE: this caused buggy animations on the latest java in this config

    BetterSprinting MC-1.9.4 v1.1.4b


    Durability Show-1.9.4-3.1.1



    journeymap-1.9.4-5.2.4-unlimited (1)




    i fixed this with the help of a mod, Baradar67 (Thank you!) if you have this issue bring it up with a mod and post here, it may be a different modification, if so his may not help you but it may do if you use better hud, hopefully this saves some confusion and time.
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  2. jei_1.9.4- does not appear to be on the approved mods list. Did you just confess to using an illegal mod, or did I miss the approval? :)

    edit: Also I believe JourneyMap has to be the fairplay edition, and not the unlimited edition that's listed. I thought the entry used to specifically say "fairplay" but I can't seem to find this.
  3. Journeymap is on the approved list on the condition that all radar features (mob, player, and cave) are turned off. Use of a radar feature in any mod is considered use of an illegal mod and subject to a permanent ban from Empire Minecraft.

    Just Enough Items (JEI) is also an approved mod but is listed under incompatible mods due to some of its features not working properly on EMC.
  4. For journeymap then I'm reading this to mean we don't need the fairplay edition. We can use the full edition but just need those radar features turned off? I would assume the same applies to other similar mods.

    Also...I'm reading this to mean incompatible mods are approved mods. Is that the case?

    edit: just saw this for incompatible mods:
    Due to these mods not working completely on EMC, it is acceptable to have them installed on your minecraft since they won't work on the EMC servers.