[Invalid] auction dragon head

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  1. item: 1 Dragon Head
    starting bid: 5k
    min bid increase:2k
    ending time: 48 hours after last bid
    pickup: Ill pm you on the forums with the information

    "If you have two items, why not sell one?"
  2. I may be wrong but are these items only auctionable in the quantity of a double chest?
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  3. Not sure, this is a grey area because technically these aren't the vanilla way of getting them, and I'm not sure if these can be considered a "promo" or not
  4. minimum quantity 54
  5. I'd like to confirm MrCDub's post above with presenting the latest update to the auction rules here:


    As you can see Krysyy has specifically ruled that the dragon head should follow the rules of regular mob/player heads. Ergo: a minimum quantity of 54. Making this auction, sorry to say, invalid.

    Tip: try selling your head in the game (player shop or your own) or maybe as a service?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.