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  1. Hello! New to EMC and I hope I will stay very long and get to just relax and play some MC and meet all you guys! I'm on whenever if you ever wanna play! Welp, see you on the server. :p
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  2. Welcome to the Empire Arecaine. So just relax, play and have fun. By the way, what server are you on. I'm on smp3. :)
  3. I actually haven't gone on a server yet, I'm still on the tutorial. Ive been voting xD. Sorry for the late reply though. I'm still getting used to the forums and server.
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  4. hello

    welcome to EmpireMinecraft!
    ( I think that is how it's spelled )
    join my city at
  5. Oh, ummm hi.

    Welcome to the best Vanilla server in existance! ;)
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  6. Welcome! :D I hope you'll enjoy your time here, whether it be in-game, on the forums, or both! :)
  7. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  8. Hi Arecaine. I'm Phil. Stay away from creepers and have a blast on EMC! ;)