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  1. Hello, I am Noxifide.
    I have attempted to find servers long ago, but had no luck. I am hoping that finding this community will bring the the multiplayer experience I 've been looking for.
    So far it is good to be in the server. I haven't met anybody yet but I'm sure that comes later. So I guess I'll get started on my first day on the server.
  2. Welcome to EMC. Its a great place with a friendly community. I'm sure you will make tons of friends.
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  3. Welcome to the Empire Noxifide, a great server with lots of friendly people. If you need any help and I'm on just let me know, or ask anybody, I'm sure they will help. I'm on smp 3, what server do you reside on?:)
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  4. I am on smp9. I will be on again tomorrow at some point. Hope to see you then.
  5. Hoi Noxifide,

    Nice to see a new face!

    I think you're going to like it here. The server can (in my opinion) be best described as a multiplayer Minecraft server. That may sound a bit odd but what I mean with this is that if you're used to playing Minecraft alone (or with a friend on your own network) then you'll also feel right at home here. It has everything you're used to, with the main difference that there will be dozens of other players around as well, and we can now also buy and sell things ;)

    Hope to meet you online someday!
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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