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  1. Hi there, I'm Rinnjay.
    I am glad to be a part of the Empire!

    A little bit about me....
    I am fairly new to Minecraft. I have been playing it for a few weeks now and I enjoy it immensely. I know I am a terrible builder, but hopefully I can make some friends and learn to build much better structures than a wood hut..:confused:

    I have a lot of free time to play now due to slow work in the winter time here.

    I made my account a few hours ago and now have time to get things rolling. I have read the wiki and I am still having trouble clarifying a few things. It is quite a lot of info to take in for me.

    How exactly do I join one of the servers?
    What version of Minecraft is the server on?
    (Opinion) Which server would be best to join? Or are they all the same?

    Any help answering these would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks :)
  2. Welcome to the empire! I am the potato guy!

    Anyways, lemme go ahead and help out with the questions.

    1. Direct connect or add a server with this ip : : that will connect you to our recommended server to play on currently. After doing so, you can go ahead and type /server smp# (replace the # with 1-9) and it'll connect you to that smp!

    2. The server is currently on 1.7.2, but 1.7.4 will work on it.

    3. I reside on smp6, so obviously my answer would be so, though, if you like quiet, right now is not the time. It has been getting filled! :confused:

    Once again, welcome to the empire!
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  3. Thanks a lot! I suppose I'll check it out then.

    From one potato addict to another..I love your signature :D:D
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  4. Welcome to EMC.

    Lots of cool people here. Just because you can only have a residence on one server, doesn't mean you can't play on all the servers. Sometimes special evens are held on one server or another, and you will always be welcome to visit any server.

    Each server has a different core group of people and some get busy during different timezone prime times, cuz people from all over the world play on EMC. If you are looking to make new friends, just check on this website to see which server has a lot of people on it during the times that you like to play. If you can't find anything fun, try another.

    You shouldn't be afraid to pick a residence in town on any of the servers. You can always unclaim and move to a different plot or a whole different server. There is a special /vault feature that allows you to move items from one server to another.

    Before you go out of town to the wilderness, be aware that you WILL die sometimes. Don't take everything you own with you on every trip. Store valuable items in chests on your res or in an enderchest.

    I live on smp4 and I know there are a lot of good people there. Don't be afraid to ask for help and try to be willing to go back and reread the tutorials or empire guide once you get a little more familiar with EMC.
  5. Welcome to the Empire! I live on smp6 as well, until a few weeks ago it was a nice quite place. But now there are lots of new people running around learning the game and starting out just like you. Whatever server you pick, I hope you have a great time. :)