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  1. Hey everyone :D TheCrafter10 here! I joined about... 3 hours ago? I started up today because my little brother (kevdudeman on this) was speaking quite a bit about it and I just bought a minecraft account, so I looked up some youtube videos, saw some... interesting stuff, and joined up!

    My name is Michael (Was gonna go michaeldudeman, seemed a bit silly) I'm a Freshman at the University of South Carolina, and my birthday is in two days!

    I've just joined smp2, and I plan on really getting to know all of you, and trying to befriend as many people as possible!

    All I've got on my residence is some silly random things, so if anyone could tell me about some of their residences, or give some general EMC advice, it'd be much appreciated.

    Until then, see you later!
  2. SMP 2 is the "Shop" headquarters of EMC (In my opinion) if you need anything, visit res 4005, 3456, or 3959.

    /v *res number*

    If you have any questions feel free to message me. I'd love to help
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  4. Let me know if Kevin won't help you, and I'll give you a hand. To can check out any of my res's on 2, I currently have 3. 4317, 4202, and 4116. I'll drop in ASAP and see what help I can give
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  5. Nothing but hot weather and busy people in the midlands.... around the coast is really nice though, probably fits your view of us :)

    EDIT: At least in my opinion, I'm sure another person would most definitely tell you we're the aspect of hospitality, I don't get out much, maybe that's why XD
  6. I live in Dallas/Ft Worth, TX..... I have all the hot weather and busy people I can stand. I think you're right, it's the coast I would like to visit.
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  7. Welcome to EMC! And I wouldn't stay on smp2. So much stuff to see everywhere!
  8. I think it's an unwritten rule that you have to build random things on your very first res. At least till you get the feel of things. Anyhow, welcome.
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  9. *Looks at giant tree tower recently built* Seems legit.
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  10. Welcome! I'm at 4271 on smp2, so see u around :D