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  1. Hey boys and girls, this is Empirenews

    EmpireNews is a brand new channel that will bring news on a regular base.
    It will make reviews, record videos and write articles on Empire-related stuff only.

    If you want to contribute to a review, video or article:
    - Start a conversation by clicking here
    - Include all necessary information, photo’s and if necessary, perms to enter (move/use)
    - Make sure you follow the channel for updates!

    I hope to serve you to the best in the future.
  2. I was thinking of doing this with my camcorder but i am sorta shy on camera. hehe
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  3. welcome!
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  4. So, whose alt are you?
  5. Yeah, that.
  6. nvm - i know... hi mr world edit buddy ;)
  7. I bet its jack :zp
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  9. JustinGuy
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