Introducing The Empire State Building Mall!

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  1. ATTENTION, SMP1! (And other SMPs too!)

    It's finally here! It's what you have been waiting for!

    ------------The Empire State BuildingMall-------1521------------

    Unlike a majority of malls, I'm not focused on making huge profits but instead, buy higher and sell lower than most other malls to provide a great and fair service to you!

    > I buy and sell 99.9% of items in the game
    > Amazing Prices!
    > Easy Navigation
    > Smart Building
    > Pretty Garden

    Unfortunately, I don't handle promos at this moment in time but this could change later!

    2/8/2015 - The Idea
    4/8/2015 - Purchase gold voucher
    5/8/2015 - Someone grabs the land before me :(
    23/8/2015 - Finally acquire land
    24/8/2015 - Foundations
    28/8/2015 - Construction half done
    31/8/2015 - Road edit completed
    1/9/2015 - Construction completed
    2/9/2015 - Item gathering commences
    7/9/2015 - College starts, progress slows
    1/10/2015 - Item gathering completed, item frames and chests filled
    8/10/2015 - Garden completed
    11/10/2015 - Begin adding shop signs
    7/11/2015 - Shop signs completed
    8/11/2015 - GRAND OPENING!

    Hope you enjoy shopping here as much as I enjoyed building it!

    Now quick quick sell your things while the chests are still quite empty!

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  2. Looks great :)
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