Introducing... SkyCorp Co. Inc.

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  1. What is SkyCorp Co. Inc.???
    SkyCorp Co. Inc. is a business where we do uh... stuff...

    What is the point of SkyCorp Co. Inc.???
    Because everybody is having a business so why the hell not!

    Any plans at least???
    We plan on holding Drop Parties, events, and building Adventures Residences

    Can I donate???
    Yes! You can! All rupee donations go to Sky and with those rupees I plan on buying materials and such for drop parties and a residence that will come out in a few months.

    Currently Need: Rupees, Endstone, Stone Brick, Drop Party Drops

    SkyCorp Co. Inc. is not reliable for any injuries, diseases, virus, deaths, scams, and/or possession of illegal items in EMC.
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  2. Bump. Everybody must know.
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  3. *Now selling Artificial Dupe King Hoes- Their Super-Dupe-r items!*