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  1. Hi my in game name is Damiensmom obviously lol. Call me bec though if you see me around :) {it's shorter ;) }. I can mainly be found on smp5 :) I'm married to alien9189 and we have a son (Damien XD) he is almost 2 :D I'm 24 years old and I work at a call center. I enjoy reading writing spending time with my family and of course minecraft :D. I also like doing research projects >.< as strange as that is it always was my favorite part of English class! I have 2 tattoos an eevee on my left wrist and three flowers on my right calf with Damien's name and birthdate under them :D anything else you wanna know ask XD

  2. Heeeelloooo and WELCOME TO THE EMPIRE :D
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  3. Thank you very much ^_^
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  4. An Eevee?!
    Like Pokemon Eevee?! o.o

    Welcome to the Empire anyway :p
  5. Yup like pokemon eevee :D and thank you I'm glad to be here :) image.jpg image.jpg
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  6. Welcome! Perhaps I'll see you around. I live on smp5. I don't play much any more but you'll see me stalking the forums a lot.
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  7. Thank you :) I've seen your name pop up before :) or walked on your res? Lol one of them! ;)
  8. Probably my name. I have move off.
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  9. Lol ok then that one :) either way thanks much for the welcome :)
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  10. Welcome to Empire Minecraft. The wiki and guide can help you with anything. Ask a staff for help if needed.
    If you want to hang out with someone, visit me on Smp2 :)
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  11. I am good at asking staff for help XD lol! And I read through all the rules forums and guides the other night. Also checked out the wiki :) I'm much better now! Haha and I might travel around soon :) currently dirt clearing baha ill be busy for a bit!! ;) thank you for the welcome :) maybe ill see ya around!
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  12. Welcome to EMC!
    That'a a nice Eevee! :)
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  13. Thank you very much ^-^ it looks so much better in the after pic haha! But it was my first tattoo and I like it :)
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