[Introducing myself] Its about time.

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  1. So its been 10 months now since I joined the empire and I never posted here on the forums till recently, I didn't even bother to look at the forums, but now that I've decided to be more involved in the community, I have decided to make a thread here about myself.

    First of my name is Yulie, I guess you might have had an idea with my ign. I am around my 20's wont be specific since I have a belief age is private.

    I can say for myself I am a very nice person, I sometimes may show intolerance but its only because I was provoked by an error which had an obvious answer or only required a very tiny effortless research to find the answer to it. Also I can be very happy and playful at some points of which I become quite childish. not childish in a form of annoyance but childish in a form of what I say or the things I may use to form a joke.

    I Try my best to follow every rule in the empire and I must admit I do have a bad habit of cursing sometimes, I'm trying to solve it specially in this community were I have found out that some words I though weren't "bad" are actually "bad".

    Well I think that is all I need/want to share. thank you for stopping by and reading. If you have any questions you'd like to know about me please be my guest, I'll answer the ones I find appropriate to my belief.

    Happy New Years! ♥
  2. Welcome to the forums!
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  3. Welcome Yulie, we all have good days and bad but over all good one's :D
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  4. Hey Yulie! SMP2 fo life!!
  5. Welcome! I hope your time spent on the forums is as fun as playing on the servers. :cool:
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  6. Welcome yulie, saw you on smp2 yesterday. Thanks for pointing out who sells iron :D
    Anyways the forum is a great place- I would spend most of my free time here if the servers weren't so fun :)
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  7. Indeed SMP2 For Life!

    So far it is as Fun as being online on the servers. I am online now as long as I am online on the servers.

    You're welcome, Thank you for the "thank you gift" it was really nice of you and very unexpected :) glad to see such a great and respectful community.

    Yeah, I agree but still its not nice to be mean to others cause of it :)

    Thanks! :)
  8. " Yulie"
    I just realized that typo is amazing. <3
  9. Welcome Yulie. Glad see more people joining forums.
  10. What?
    Thank you ;) I hope to have a wonderful time everyday :p
  11. What day exactly did you join? Because I am about 10 months on empire too.

    EDIT: and smp2 xD
  12. If I am entirely correct I joined March 22. I am pretty sure that was the date I joined.
  13. Feb 16
  14. Welcome to the forums! :)
  15. Awesome, I joined one month after you :D
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