Introducing... Miner Co.

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  1. Miner Co. is currently in a relaunch period. More info will come soon.
  2. I will like this post because so much work went into it :D
  3. So if I opened a shop linked to this ? U would get all of the funds? :confused:
  4. You would then be paid accordingly. I am planning to lower prices to make them more affordable and fair. I may make the prices according to what you earned in that week or month or whatever. Maybe 1/3 of what you earned goes to Miner Co. to continue to pay you and to give extra funding to other shops, hotels and whatever.
  5. Ok. Miner Co. has kind of failed. I am preparing to relaunch a revamped version of it. We will have a logo, a new rank system etc. I will be looking for admins for the relaunched Miner Co. The jobs available and the form will be released soon.
  6. I sent in a app to work here :p
  7. im going to start running miner mart and miner supplies and the mart is the best one :D (still under con)
  8. I like the idea you have, but I'm confused by the implementation and what is given. I've got several questions, I'd like to see something like this get off the ground, but I'd like to see your answers. I'm not out to poo on the idea, just wondering about it's implementation.

    First off - The Miner Mart.
    You charge x number of rupees per week. What does this gain? Who stocks the shop at this point? If the player is still stocking the shop, why would they join this group? Why pay for a franchise when they can build their own. Who makes the money from the shop?

    Miner Resort
    I'm confused by this as well. A player is going to build a hotel and then pay to be a part of this group? What's the incentive. If i've got a soon to be 4 lot hotel "voted the best hotel on SMP2" (, why would I join this group? What am I gaining giving the Miner Co 600r per week?

    Miner Co. Constructions
    I like the idea of a one stop shop for buildings and constructions, but you're going to have to show pictures of past works. I'm not going to pay for an archetect in the real world to design my house unless I see their previous works, why would I pay for you in minecraft?

    If you're still doing res dig-outs, I'd be willing to pay.

    The other's section is nice, but I'd throw a list together of what they gain being a supplier etc.
  9. thanks for this i never knew I had to pay for them!! im going to be leaving if this is the case!! i thought i got paid for it!!
  10. That's what I'm assuming from the site. Maybe they are paying the members? But in that case, what do you want from the members for the x rupees per week?
  11. well i believe its enough but im not going to join them! to pay!! thats proberly why there "relaunching!"
  12. Ok so I am relaunching Miner Co. soon so I will detail how it will work. All of what I say is subject to change.

    Miner Mart-
    So the new idea is that people would just have the brand. They own the shop, they stock the shop(Miner Co. Supplies can help), they advertise the shop(though Miner Co. will do some ads on other servers). The brand if it takes off will hopefully attract most people on the server to it. Because of this the owner will make lots of money. My idea is that they pay Miner Co. 1/4 or 1/3 of their revenue so that Miner Co. can help fund new shops and set up new ventures.

    Miner Resort-
    It will be the same as Miner Mart but the difference is that you offer a resort. People can either buy a room by contacting the franchise owner or buying it through the website. You can also rent rooms through the franchise owner or the website. Again about 1/4 to 1/3 of the revenue will go to Miner Co.

    Miner Co. Constructions-
    I am still working on a portfolio of works. I am working os some big projects such as replicating Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. I also have some shop designs I am working on. I have some employees who know a lot about redstone so we can do that too.

    I hope this answered some of you questions. More info will come once we have worked out some thing. But there are some higher up admin positions becoming available with the relaunch which will get YOU paid.

    Thanks for your enquiries!
  13. I put to be a Miner Mart on smp2 gonna be excited and do you make the shop building?
  14. You are meant to make the shop but if you want I can build it. If this is smp2 I think we need something BIG!
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  15. When is the miner mart thing gonna be ready
  16. I am away in Asia at the moment so I can't do much. The relaunch will be within four weeks.
  17. And no relaunch. My sig explains what is to come.