Introducing me.

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  1. Hello everybody
    my name is longtibau i have been playing on emc 4 a long time and now I also chose to make an account on the website to keep track of things i also have a shop @res number 9319 (just letting you know)
    and i would appreciate to get some advise from the people who have been here longer than me so feel free to send a message.
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  2. Well, depends on what kind of advice your looking for! ;)
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  3. Be awesome
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  4. Noooo, you have the same skin as I do! :(
  5. that's why you make your own skin :)
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  6. *sigh* :(
  7. or Google for like 5hours :) on page 29 xD nah I make my own skins but the one I'm using right now well i turned it from green to red :)
  8. hahaha and welcome!
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  9. Time for a refresher on Gimp I think...
  10. tnx for all answering i am more looking for how to run a good shop i have one now @9319 but i need advise to bring more people in anyone got advice?
  11. Get it listed in the EMC shop catalogue
  12. I didn't give an answer for a long time because I was busy with everyone's advise, and it worked very good
    i made 12.000R already and i have partners It's just getting bettter and better, I also listed it in the EMC shop catalogue wivh gave me alot of new costumers so thank you everyone!
  13. And I also changed my skin for you cnicholls_uk
  14. You want your shop to be organized have deals for the day and be on the shop database.
    Also I recommend restocking daily.
    Jimbo has spoken his wise words!
  15. I play on emp4 also. I'll stop by your shop soon and recommend it to my friends :D
  16. Welcome, friend. :3
  17. Actually a lot longer but I have made this account in january I think I had my res. for about 2years now 9319