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  1. Hello, My username is Cakester2000!

    I'm not really that new to EMC but I'm new to the community!
    I am a boy!!!
    I am a teenager and I have a brother but he doesn't play minecraft.
    I enjoy minecraft very much and I play EMC whenever I can!
    I mainly play on smp7 but I will play on other SMP's soon.
    I am hoping to become very popular on EMC but I don't know how :)
    Personally, I think I know a lot about minecraft but I'm not very good at redstone.
    I love playing mc with other people and building big structures.
    I am online quiet a lot and have finally started voting for the server.
    I am a Liverpool Fan!
    I Absolutely LOVE football (soccer)
    I have recently had a lot of my stuff stolen on wastelands world on smp7 which I am not that happy with even though the things weren't that valuable (apart from some diamonds) ;)
    I am looking forward to being friends with a lot of you that play EMC and if you see me on SMP7 (or any other SMP's you are always welcome to talk to me.
    I will always help you out!
    I joined Empire Minecraft around 160 days ago but only just found out that I had the server! (I must of joined once, then done the tutorial and then left and forgot about it).
    Now I am on it a lot as I joining every server I had, then I found this one and absolutely loved it.

    Thanks for an Amazing Server,

  2. Well, I see you're indeed not exactly new. You're even 17 days older than I am ;) But still, I can see where you're coming from because even despite my 143 days there are still moments when I feel to be a little newbieish :D

    So welcome to the community / forums!

    I'm going to shuffle your comments a little bit around, that makes it easier for me to respond:

    Well, you answered your own question up there. Trust me: I speak from experience. Trying to help out players whenever you see that someone could really use a hand is the best way to become a little more popular.

    You might want to double check this because I noticed that you have a 2 day streak right now, but according to the system your last vote was 146 days ago. It could be possible that some voting sites acted up (it happened to a friend of mine once) so you might want to keep this in mind.

    So yah; welcome to the community and I hope you're going to have a great time here!
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  3. Welcome to the Empire and forums Cake. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  4. smp7 woot!! Welcome! :)
  5. Welcome to the forums! :)