Into The Wild Part 2

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  1. Hi if you have not seen part 1 of Into the wild then pls take a look.

    I lost a lot of footage so things a have moved on a just a bit in part 2

    Pls take a look and also do the usual rate, sub, share and comment on the the video many tnx for watching.

    Click the link to watch ->
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  2. That's a nice spider xp setup how long did it take you to build or did you buy it?
  3. Hi I found it and built it some time ago, I don't go in for buy them as I find all the time when mining. As there where 3 all in range I decided to build the xp farm. Most of the time I just place a torch on the spawner and carry on mining.
    I had also started to establish a base there so it was handy to have it there.

    Also tnx for watching, pls comment on the video if you can again many tnx
  4. 1 word: AWESOME
  5. Thanks for that
  6. So I done more work at the base today but I will hole fire on the next vidoe until I see how these first 2 go. They take quite a bit of work to go and upload, and its not so easy talking to yourself, I keep waiting for the men in white coats to come and get me :D