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    Hey all,
    my internet here is horrible, is there any way to speed it up? :p
  2. Stop running un necessary streaming services.
    Use an ethernet cable
    Help pay for better internet.
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  3. What Monster_ said. If use is cut down to the absolute minimum and you're still struggling, then the internet service you have is not sufficient for what you are doing.

    For MC multiplayer, anything less than high-speed internet (which can bypass the ethernet cable, but the cable does help) will create a bit of lag. The poor the connection the worse it is. If you're still in the Dark Ages called "Dial-up", I wouldn't even try to connect.

    EDIT: Your location is also a factor. If there's 5 large slabs of concrete between you and the router, then it will impact the signal - and thus your speed - severely.
  4. Use and post your results