Internal Client Error ( ICE )

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  1. So I was trying to log onto smp7 and it said this:
    Connection Lost
    Internal client error: Connection timed out: connect

    I relogged, didnt work. I restarted my computer, didn't work. Now what?
  2. I have just got that when trying to connect to SMP1. :/
    ICC, stop blowing stuff up...
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  3. -_- Its that way for all of the servers for me.
  4. Ahh yes... Jackland's offline too. We don't have to blame ICC :)
    Blame notch jeb.
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  5. Blame Ontario rodreigez
  6. Same problem, possible 1.3 update?
  7. I highly highly doubt it. Jeb said Mojang did a #ValveTime :/
    Unless he became a troll...
  8. Hmm ok, i looked it up and last time this happened was at an update so i hope it is the same this time
  9. jeb him self ( i use magic launcher ) said the update goal is august 1
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  10. Minecraft servers are completely down here :( Cant even login
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  11. mine freezes on the logging in screen.. :/
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  12. I can login again, but still cant play SMP :(
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  13. well... its a good thing im building an epic log cabin on SP currently :D
  14. Seems like an issue with the authorization servers for Minecraft. No matter what server you play on, if its not in offline mode, those servers verify that your account is legit.. Or something like that.
  15. Im taking pictures with my ipod on single player for silk touches. :D

    I've got 2/9 so far. muhahahaha.....
  16. Here we go, check this for the server status:
    I'd link to the little icon thingy's but I can't work out how to do it on their new site (if it's still possible - they've got clever). Look on the right.
  17. What are you guys doing on single player?
    im enchanting stuff in creative, and I just got the best bow you can get.
    Power V
    Flame I
    Punch II
    Infinity I
  18. Im standing in front of my blaze farm, waiting for enough xp to get lvl 50 enchantment, im level 35 now
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