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  1. Hello there! :)
    For those who don't know me I'm Chespinlover77.

    Im here collecting information to write about in a book.
    I'm writing about emc Attractions.

    If you have a good attraction or know a good attraction,
    Please leave the following information below and I will check it out:
    *What smp it is on
    * res #
    *why you think this is a good attraction
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  2. I'm a big supporter of "woolmart" on smp5, maybe you can add them? You get free wool in any color. You just Need to bring your own shears. The layout they have for the building is really nice too.
  3. Can I have the res # :3
  4. This is a work in progress,but a theme park at res 1778... Click the button labeled "Current Project" on my signature for more information...
  5. Res #? :p
  6. Type /v +woolmart on smp5
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  7. I will edit this post later. I have a few to add. Including a really good parkour from an older player who's name I can't remember and some other's on smp8. Not to mention the fishing hole on smp1 and the hedge maze in utopia. I'll look them all up when I get on again.

    To start:
    1. lashing on smp8 - 16216 (big cobblestone fortress with lava walls below hiding secret rooms)
    2. khixan on smp8 - (giant azure dragon attacking lawn snake and other great builds)
    3. rebelspartan second res. more info to be added later
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  8. I'ave got 2: smp1 1144 fun park and utopia 5408 (both with parcours (parcor) labyrint and more)
  9. Im opening up a mini museum @11464 ;)
  10. OK thanks didn't see that XD
  11. the empire amusement park :p
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