Interesting Attractions

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  1. Hello there! :)
    For those who don't know me I'm Chespinlover77.

    Im here collecting information to write about in a book.
    I'm writing about emc Attractions.

    If you have a good attraction or know a good attraction,
    Please leave the following information below and I will check it out:
    *What smp it is on
    * res #
    *why you think this is a good attraction
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  2. Can I have the res # :3
  3. This is a work in progress,but a theme park at res 1778... Click the button labeled "Current Project" on my signature for more information...
  4. Res #? :p
  5. Type /v +woolmart on smp5
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  6. I will edit this post later. I have a few to add. Including a really good parkour from an older player who's name I can't remember and some other's on smp8. Not to mention the fishing hole on smp1 and the hedge maze in utopia. I'll look them all up when I get on again.

    To start:
    1. lashing on smp8 - 16216 (big cobblestone fortress with lava walls below hiding secret rooms)
    2. khixan on smp8 - (giant azure dragon attacking lawn snake and other great builds)
    3. rebelspartan second res. more info to be added later
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  7. I'ave got 2: smp1 1144 fun park and utopia 5408 (both with parcours (parcor) labyrint and more)
  8. Im opening up a mini museum @11464 ;)
  9. OK thanks didn't see that XD
  10. the empire amusement park :p
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