Interested in Selling ICC Birthday Vouchers

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  1. Hello, I have a few ICC Birthday Vouchers I would like to sell, but I am not sure the price it should be. Since it is "rare", as in there might not be any more in circulation, at least not for a year, I think they would go for around 10k each, as seeing how much other collectibles (Valentine's Rose) have a higher price. Please reply with your opinions on their price! :D
  2. Could you post a pic of one of them?
    I never got to see them.
  3. 2013-06-17_19.07.08.png
  4. 2013-06-17_16.10.31.png
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  5. Hmm, I wish to make an offer of 7.5k for one.
  6. Their prices are not that high. There is a huge amount of them. Most go for atleast 1k ea but I don't think it would surpass 2k. Also its best that you keep it, seeing how ICC will eventually make use of it when u turn it in (atleast thats what he said during the event).
  7. Huh, I think I might take back my offer then, until I know more about them.
  8. He replied on the forum post that he wasn't doing anything with them :)
    I've only seen a few sold for low prices, but I think it should be higher considering that they won't have any more for a long time, if not forever.

    I'll sell you one for that price, or do you wish to buy all 5?
    EDIT: Just saw your post :(
  9. Let me think it over, I don't know how much they could be worth.
  10. I've sold two of mine at 4.5k each, I'm shooting for 5k each. They are limited, but there were quite a few of them, so that seemed like a decent price to me.
  11. Ill buy one. Nothing above 5k though. I'll take 2k if you still have one
  12. To be honest I was looking for a bit more. If 2k is the going price I'll probably hold on to them :)
  13. Can you link me to this? Can't find it.

    Edit: Considering that there were atleast 40+ people there and ea person got atleast 10 ea there would be 400+ floating around. 2k+ is too high in my opinion but hey people overprice everything so.
  14. Everyone did not get 10, that was the goal but a lot of people got less than that
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  15. I only got 5, some people got 3, or even yet some got none. There were still unopened chests when ICC reset the res so i think it would be less than 400
  16. Can you name a price for me?
  17. 40+ getting 10 is just a estimate but i saw alot of people saying they had over 10+ just saying. Still don't think its worth that much. But it is yay for me cause i got 10 e_O
  18. I paid 9k for 2 from ace
  19. I'll buy 1 for 5k.