Interested in learning to develop Minecraft Plugins

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  1. Hey everyone, Boby here!

    I was actually starting to get interested in learning how to program Java and making my own Minecraft Server Plugins (via Bukkit/Craftbukkit or Spigot API whatnot). Do you guys have any resources and websites that could help me grasp this knowledge more? I have started reading through Oracle and Bukkit's documentation and tutorials. It didn't look too complicated.


    PS: I wasn't sure if I should put this in Minecraft Discussion, or Miscellaneous.
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  2. Try Khan Academy. I dunno what they do there, but it's worth a shot.

    Maybe Aikar has free time. :p
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  3. Thanks for the idea of Khan Academy! Too bad they only have web development and JavaScript (totally different from Java lol). I already have some intermediate knowledge of web development. Also, I doubt Aikar even sleeps with the amount of work he does, plus maintaining EMC with the other devs at the same time. Though it would be nice learning from a professional who I have seen apply the experience.
  4. Aikar actually gave the very helpful link to I've used it quite a bit since then, highly recommended. It'll get you up and going in no time.
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  5. Thanks Burger!

    I'll check it out soon.
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    I'm currently learning the Ruby language on there ;)

    Edit:O BK already said that XD
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  7. Yep!

    I actually went on codeacademy last night, and it was pretty good.
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  8. Welp! The codeacademy java course is actually in progress, so they only have the first lesson which I finished, lol.