[INTEREST CHECK] Weekly Minecraft News Update

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Would you watch/read the weekly updates?

Yes 14 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hey guys, this is an interest check on whether or not I should do weekly minecraft news update (maybe a video but, in this moment in time as a thread) Want to see what you guys think about this, as I could not only talk about new things to look for in upcoming minecraft updates, but also player things within the Empire. So, comment below telling me what you think :)
  2. Well, that's good to hear :D
  3. Bumpiomungo, some more people need to tell this guy whether he should do it or not!
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  4. Bump, can I get a bit more feed back on this, before I start?
  5. It's really smart actually, it's just that all bumps are at time that aren't very good for people on EMC :D
  6. Ah, okay :3
  7. I would like to help with this if you want. I have a cool video editor too if you make it a video. I also promise not to make any more silly spelling mistakes:p
  8. definitly yes
  9. Yay do it! I am gud at mkin vidz 2. I cn prss kybord stufs and clik a mous

    JK I suck at making videos.
  10. Bumps. Thanks guys for all the support on this :D
    Now, what should I name it....
    Give me suggestions plox :p
  11. I would definitely read/watch it. Just remember to keep it concise and to the point otherwise you can lose the short attention span people have... Anyway, no idea on a name But I support it :)
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  12. Bump :)
    Thanks for all the support guys, once I have a name, I will be hunting down news all the time >.>
  13. This would be cool to have :)