[INTEREST CHECK] Ten Million Souls [forum game]

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  1. This is an interest check for an RP I may do on the following scenario:
    The year is 2023, a government experiment was conducted in New York and chemicals that were being used in this operation accidentally escaped and infected the public. Three different things happened to people who were infected:
    Became zombie type things
    Became raving monsters that like to cause mayhem
    Became gifted individuals who got special powers

    The gifted ones became known as "Revenants" and decided to various things with these gifts.
    New York was quarantined and specially trained soldiers were put inside to control the population and kill the monsters... and sometimes Revenants.
    You are a Revenant, choose your path.

    This is just an Interest Check to see if I made this who would play. Depending on how much Interest I get will determine if I create it.
  2. Can a mod change the title to:
    [INTEREST CHECK] Ten Million Souls [FORUM GAME]
  3. Well other than that, what are the powers and do the monsters hate the reverants? Moar in depth Story?
  4. i would play...
  5. I might play.
  6. Cool!
    I would play on a heartbeat.
  7. Good feedback! So I believe this will be done.
    The monsters want to kill everything so yeah. This is why it was just an [INTEREST CHECK].
  8. I love forum games, I will play.
    EDIT: Do you choose your powers, or do they get randomly assigned by you? Is there a special way you have to kill the zombies (I have come up for a name for them, how about we call them Orkises, or Dark Beasts?
  9. You may be as creative as possible on your powers.
    And the zombies will get a name when this goes up.
  10. I shall play.
  11. Id do it

    My powers, almost invulnerable (except my left pinkie, but no one knows that) relatively fastspeed, but not too fast, and being able to shoot ninja star doritos that explode out of my hands
  12. Will begin working on it now.