[Interest Check] Remains of Dynastia

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  1. Before I start making another RP I want to make sure I have a big enough player size to create it. So basically just say you're interested below if you'd play on the story line below. Note: I may need to alter the story line a little as I build the RP.

    Story: There was once a great kingdom known simply as "Dynastia". Thanks to corruption that eventually spread through the government, Dynastia eventually broke up into three major warring factions. These factions were the Revolutionaries (Opposed to a grand rule, believing people should rule themselves), the Aravians (Wanted to return to a pre-Dynastia type rule) and the Marations (These people wanted to form there own rule and leave the Aravians and Revolutionaries to there own devices). The Revolutionaries focus on gunpowder technology, the Aravians magic technology, and Marations organic/mechanical technology.
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  2. Sounds cool! I would play.
  3. I would play! I love these games!
  4. I will play.
  5. Awesome lets find some more people!
  6. You found one more.
  7. All right!
  8. The game will launch around 7:00 PM EST.
  9. A dalek would like to join...
  10. Hmm...
  11. And when is that in pacific time?
  12. Like now, but I had something come up so give it about 30 mins at max.
  13. Sorry guys but my Internet crashed so I lost all the work. It will be a little while longer :(
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