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  1. hello Empire, well i have had some youtube channels, most of which i havent bothered with, but im going to really put alot of effort into this channel, an example is that i just bought camtasia studio 8 for 300$..but it will be a gaming channel for all games, ill be downloading a heap of new and exciting games that will hopefully catch you attention, so i hope you like it, and it you did it would be appreciated if you liked the video and subscribe for more :) thanks

    I'd also like to give credit to xxMetrosxx for the name of the channel :)

  2. 1st subscriber :D
    Also like, fav and comment on that vid :D
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  3. <3
  4. Ok going to sub to you.:)
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  5. thankyou :D
  6. You can do some Let's Play with other guest players and stuff like that. Like a "Let's Play: Empire Minecraft Ep: #1 " that be interesting to watch with everyone's voice too.
  7. good point, i think i might do that soon, wanna do it?
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  8. If I ever get time any of these days and your on opposite time zone than me. :s , I'm only up right now coz I woke up late in the day in pacific time.but other than that, I would like to.
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  9. to much work at kicken chicken right? ;)
  10. Nah I'm starting the next semester of college soon and I've been preparing for other things, work for kickin hasn't been too extensive lately
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  11. I subbed :).
    Also can you take a look at mine chiken?
    I really think you could make it to 1000+ subs.
    The key is to play games you enjoy rather than games that trend but you hate :)
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  12. Me and you and others on the game server :D
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  13. thanks mate, yeah i subbed, ill head over and view some stuff :)
  14. Hell yes! haha, and what game server.. im confused :p
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  15. Whhaaaatttts the game server ? :p
  16. Subbed You Babbbyyyyyy
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  17. Tthhhhaaaannnnkkks babe ❤
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  18. That was just a little bit awkward...
  19. It wouldn't be if you shared the love?
  20. Says the Tomato with a name..
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