Inter-Residential Bridges

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  1. Just asking a quick question - how do some players creates structures over the main sandstone pathways between two of their residences? Is it a normal ability or is it requested? Also, what would YOU build if you had the whole town for yourself?

    P.s. BussGIL's 1903 to 1904 racetrack is one example of what I mean. His overpasses above the road are pretty low too.
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    Road Building
    Cost: 10k per road/40k for all roads around a res - player supplies materials
    Have the road between your reses in town decorated to your needs. You will not gain the ability to build on the road, but a senior staff member will edit it to your requirements.

    You must own (or be in an agreement with the owner of the other res - and include them in the PM) both reses that connect to the road.

    For double/main roads, a regular 10k cost covers both roads, provided you own both reses connected to that road. However, if you own only one res connected to a main road, you can have the part of the road touching your res edited. You can't currently have the trees or lamps replaced/removed, but this option is currently being discussed by staff.
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  3. Bridges/120x120 res's are usually a gold+ supporters first and second (third, or fourth) res. It has to be done by senior staff or admin. And I'd make... a pvp arena of a whole server :D
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  4. Nice. You could fit all 200 players in there and have 'em duke it out like it's the 1950s all over again.

    Edit: Thanks for the info, nick5013. I figured I'd be able to double up the size of my theme park when it's built, spread things out, make it spacious and whatnot.
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  5. If i only had 2 plus residents...
  6. If I had the whole town to myself I would build a replica of Jurassic park with dinosaurs and everything.
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  7. It's like, £5 for a month of richness and a second permanent residence. One hundred percent worth it.
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  8. Also, if you go to a certain height, I believe its around 128 blocks up or so, you can build 2 blocks out over the edge of your res. If you own the reses on both sides of a 4 wide road, 2 from each side is enough to cross over. But if you're looking for lower to the ground then what nick posted is the only option.
  9. Dayum, that's the exact height of my planned tower as well. Thanks for that!
  10. Quick note, might want to confirm that it's 128 before you plan a whole project around it, that was half vague memory/half guess.
  11. I cam fix it if it's wrong. I have the technology.