Instant Minecraft Crash. Help Required.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Faithcaster, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Hello Everyone :)
    When I Open My Minecraft And Log Into A Server, My Minecraft Freeze And I Need To ctrl, alt delete and then kill mc for shotting it down.
    It happens to often now :(

    Anyone heard about this crash before ?
    Please help. A Faithcaster Without Minecraft Is A Dead Faithcaster In 2 Days... Thats Why Im Paying 2000 rupees to the first person there fix this :)

  2. Try force updating (Open launcher > Options > Force Update > Login) if you can even get on the login page.
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  3. Already tryed, i log in go to a server and then i run around for 5-20 seconds and then it freezes...

    Thanks for trying.
  4. used to happen to me too (during the mob arena) I had to force update, even though I didn't have one mod installed it worked, so I suggest that :)
  5. hmm, do you have any mods installed?
  6. No mods installed.
  7. Tried updating your Java?
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  8. Does MCPatcher count as a mod :) ?

    At the moment im reinstalling all my Java's.
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  9. Yup it does, although force update would remove it.
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  10. This tends to happen with minecraft all i recommend is doing:

    Force Update
    Check java is up to date
  11. Force Updated, Reinstalled Java I Tryed To Run In Browser.
    All The Same.. 10 Seconds Playing And Then It Freezes.
  12. Hmm, is it only the computer you are playing on? Or are it more?
  13. This is my main PC.
    I played MC at work 1 or 2 times :oops:
    Still crashing after reinstalling MC & Java
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  14. Try playing in browser if that doesnt work its probably your computer or internet also like jack says force update and maybe restore the .jar file
  15. I just made a discovery!
    I can't run MC as admin...
  16. Wait so its fixed? Also does it say any text on a white background if it doos then itd your jar file (sorry about the bad speeling im on my mobile at the paralympics)
  17. Java Virtual Machine Launcher
    Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine
    Error: A fatal exception has occured. Program will exit.

    That pop's up now after i reinstalled my .Jar file
  18. Hmm I'll ask my bro he knows everything :) Maybe you could try reinstalling java as well?
  19. Follow these Steps:

    1.Buy a new computer.
    2. Download MineCraft.
    3. Play.

    Hope it helped :p
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