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  1. I would like some help from the community.
    Back when I played WoW All mods were explained in detail as far as what they did to help the player and also gave datailed instructions as to the installation process.
    Could someone give me some advice as to what mods are the best and what they do. Also how to correctly install said mods.

    Mr. Matches
  2. EMC has a list of allowed mods. Be careful which you use here:

    3. Do Not Cheat / Hack / Exploit
    Do not use any mods or game bugs that give an advantage over other players.
    This includes see-through texture packs, modifications that allow you to move, jump or fly in a way not intended by the default game settings, Mob Radars, and any game glitch or exploit that gives you an unfair advantage of any kind over other players.

    All exploits are included, example: If you use a server side bug to turn dirt into diamonds, then this will be considered exploiting, and you will be punished.

    If you are caught cheating you will be permanently banned. If you are unsure whether a certain activity is allowed ask a moderator. For a list of Approved Mods, visit Minecraft Mods Section in the wiki.
  3. Mods will often have a 'Installation Instructions' section of the creators page/thread. Follow those.

    Also, most big mods have auto-installers, you simply place the mod .jar file into your /mods directory and load your game up.
  4. Are you speaking of the mods directory in my minecraft game file
  5. yes

    Also, just check youtube for 'minecraft installing mods' - there are lots of vids on how to.
  6. find the mods from the approved list that you want and check how to install them on youtube