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  1. Im hoping this isn't a joke :U
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  2. where did you find this...
  3. On simx's profile under Information :p
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  4. Dufne be like after she doesn't get her money

    EDIT: but might actually get the money, seeing as how it is Sam, it could go either way :rolleyes:
  5. Can I get 300K if this is true? :3
  6. I'm not sure if this is true but make sure you tell us, Dufne!
    Don't ask for rupees. After all, you don't deserve them any more than anybody else in this thread. If this really is true then leave them be, thank you.
  7. Can I have some?
  8. Me too <3 I'm gonna miss youuuuu. At least let me be paid by a former staff...I will miss you. I will take rupees paid by you as memory of you...
  9. All of you people begging for rupees... really? Get over it. So what you didn't get money? Earn rupees yourself if it's so damn important to you.
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  10. Tbh i dont understand the importance of them, in order to have fun on emc you don't need money, you need friends and fun activities to do with them
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  11. Unfortunately not everyone thinks that way. :(
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  12. Darn you greedy society!
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  13. I stalk you more than enough, Sam. I should've caught this one. ;) Nice little surprise giveaway.
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  14. The knowledge bomb has been...
  15. Speaking of big spenders, simx, you need to get over to my BRICKSTRAVAGANZA thread after your last highball brick bid. :D
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