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  1. I am looking for help from you guys in regards to starter items when you join EMC. Please note this is not a buying/selling thread. This is more of a research type thread. I've been trying to find out what items where given to people when they joined over the years. Since I've only been here a year, there are many that I do not know about. I have built up a decent collection of starter items and I will post them along with screen shots in hopes of finding if there was any other items given out in the early days that might not be given out today or other variations of items, etc. I've looked through the wiki and it has helped a ton but there is not a lot of info on some items or their variations. Maybe with help from some veteran users here, we can answer these questions. :)

    To see the image of each item, just click on links below.

    Starter Armour Set

    Helmet: Old Version --- Current Version
    Chestplate: Old Version --- Current Version
    Leggings: Old Version --- Current Version
    Boots: Old Version --- Current Version

    Starter Tools Set

    Sword: Old Version --- Current Version
    Pickaxe: Old Version --- Current Version
    Shovel: Current Version
    Axe: Current Version


    Empire - Next Steps: Current Version
    Getting Started: Old Version --- Current Version
    New Player Guide: Current Version
    Second Chance Book: Old Version --- Current Version

    Misc Items

    64 Torches: Current Version
    64 Bread: Current Version
    5 Cow Spawn Eggs: Current Version
    5 Sheep Spawn Eggs: Current Version
    Starter Horse: Old Version --- Old Version Donkey Variation --- Current Version
    Empire Assistant: Current Version (I am aware there is a variation of this item)

    Non Lore'd Items

    • 3 Stacks of Oak Planks
    • 1 Stack of Stone
    • 16 Diamonds
    • 16 Oak Saplings
    • 16 Birch Saplings

    So that is all that I have in my collection (minus the variation of the Empire Assistant). Was there every anything else given out at any point? Anything at all that was either EMC lore'd or just plain items like wheat or seeds, etc. Maybe some items that are lore'd now but were not before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks :)
  2. I believe (off another player) they gave out stone tools right at the start
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  3. I vaguely remember this too, but I'm not 100% sure about it.

    What I am more sure about, is that we've been give plain iron tools (except hoe), a long time ago.
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  4. So a normal Iron Sword, Pickaxe, Shovel & Axe with no lore at all?
  5. I think so, yes.

    EDIT: I think you also got like 5 or 20 bread, 5 or 20 oak wooden planks, 5 oak wood saplings, 20 torches, and some more items I forgot :p
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  6. When I joined, I must of used up that gear. Oh well, its a figment of my mind.
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  7. I can confirm that it was some arrangement of items like this, yes. Back when there was the maze tutorial, you got stone items - no name or lore so nothing special :p
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  8. As far as the items I have listed above, there were no other variations or other lore'd items that have since been removed?
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  9. Had a quick skim and didn't see anything that wasn't there - just thought I'd note that the Getting Started book didn't have an old and a new, I thought it was just one Soulbound and one wasn't, one from the promo and one from tutorial? I think :p Then the starter horses - there was the old one, "Spawn Horse", then the new ones, but there was one that was Soulbound and one again that wasn't. The donkey versions were obtained through a glitch I believe...

    Anyway, I think you've got it all but yeah! :)
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  10. We used to get stone tools, some torches, and 5 bread back a few years ago.
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  11. I think there was something like stone tools when I joined for 3,5 years ago. But FDNY said it so I guess I am remembering something right :]. But it is hard to remember tho :]
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  12. Do you remember the amount of torches by chance? Like maybe a stack?
  13. Pretty sure it was 20.
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