[Information + request] The Redstone Challenge.

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  1. Hello,

    As you might have heard already, there is going to be a Redstone Challenge!
    It will be some kind of race where 9 participants will be creating redstone circuits in order to get to the finish. Indeed, 'only' 9 people will be able to enter the challenge. This is because there is simply not enough space on the residence for more people.

    Soon there will be a new thread on these forums where people can apply for entering the challenge. Of all applications, 9 people will then be chosen.

    Thanks to PThagaard we have a residence on SMP1 where the challenge can be held!

    I am almost done with creating all tests (in creative), and will be placing 9 of those setups at the new residence. This will require some materials, and there for I would like to ask you people kindly to donate.

    It's only a small part of the donated rupees that will go into the building of the challenge. Most of it will go into the prize for the winners.

    If anyone would be interested in donating, please leave a reply here or send me a private message.
    It's also allowed to donate sticky pistons as I will be needing a lot of those.

    More detailed information about the challenge will be posted later.
    If there are any questions, feel free to post them here ;)


    Appications topic is here:
    Go there to enter the challenge!
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  2. sounds awesome! ill see if i can dig up anything to donate =D
  3. How do i get in?
  4. ok :D that would be really nice ;)

    It's in the first message:
  5. IF I can apply, then I will. Im great with complex circuits. You can see my redstone slot machine on smp6 at 'mr_monopoly987's residence.
  6. I see ;)
    I'm probably going to allow people to post a picture of their creations to allow me to choose the best redstone builders :)
  7. i have some slime balls i can donate =D need anything else specific?
  8. complex? :rolleyes:
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  9. That would be awesome!
    I'll need torches and redstone dust aswell :eek:
  10. let me know when you are on and what res =D
  11. I'm on now on smp8 res 16591 ;)
  12. Ill donate 9,000 but I want a sign somwhere in the res that is easy to see.
    The text should be "Im in love with a star" :D
  13. Thank you soo much for donating!! :D

    You as well :D thanks a lot! :D

  14. K, il get some pictures up...2 secs...
  15. Nice but I will be posting a new topic for letting people sign up in a few days.
    This thread is just for letting people know there will be a redstone challenge
  16. Would it be possible for someone to donate redstone dust or pistons? :eek:
  17. I think we all know who is the winner~ :rolleyes:
  18. The setup is for like 70% ready :D
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  19. Nice!
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