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  1. Hello people!

    In this topic, you can sign up for joining The Redstone Challenge!
    I will choose the 9 best of all people who leave a reply here.

    I would like to ask all 9 people who will been chosen for the challenge, to send me 500r before the events starts. You will get these rupees back after the event, if nothing has been stolen or damaged.

    What is a challenge if there is no prize? I would like to ask you people again to donate some rupees for this event. The money from those donations will go into the prize for the winners.
    (small part of that money will also go into the creation of this event).
    Please send donations to my account (FalloutBe), and leave me a message ;)

    What will the challenge be like?
    In this challenge, 9 participants will face several rooms where they need to build a small redstone circuit in order to open the door to the next room.
    Each room has a chest with some redstone stuff in it, that you will need to build that circuit.
    The person who comes out of the last room as first, is the winner.

    Who may enter?
    People with advanced redstone knowledge. If you don't know what a NAND gate, glowstone diode or flipflop is, you should not enter this challenge.

    How to enter:
    To apply, I only ask you people to post one or more pictures of some complicated redstone circuits You have created.
    It's not important that you show me the whole machine like 'Ooh yea, that's a cool machine'.
    No, that's not what I want to see; I need to see what redstone knowledge you have. So it's best to show me pictures of the 'behind the scenes' of that machine; the more complicated redstone things.

    You post this:
    -Minecraft account name
    -Date and time which fits best for you to come online. (see When is the redstone challenge?)

    If one of these 3 things is not present in your application, your application will be invalid, and ignored.

    When is the redstone challenge?
    I'm not sure when people can be online for the challenge, so I'd like you guys to also post the date and time that fits best for you.
    Please post a time interval, not just certain time.
    Example: I can come online at Saturday and Sunday, from 2PM to 8PM GMT+0
    I can not assure that the date and time you specified, is going to fit for the event. So it might be possible that you won't be able to join the event :/

    After that, I will post a definite date time for the challenge.
    I prefer next Sunday (this week) at 2PM GMT+2

  2. -Minecraft account name: Chascarrillo
    -Pictures: circuit.png
    That's one "Simple" circuit I made right now.
    -Date and time which fits best for you to come online: I live in Madrid.
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  3. I'm good with redstone, too bad all of my redstone creations were broken with 1.3.1. I'm still remaking them in my alpha world, my beta world, and my full release (1.3, 1.2, 1.1, 1.0) so I have nothing to show :(
  4. You can also show a partially created thing; it's no problem :) I just need to see how familiar you are with redstone.
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