Infinite Villager Service v4 (Temporary)

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  1. Hey guys. As some of you might know, samsimx, who started the Infinite Villager services, is going to be taking a break from EMC to focus on real life.I worked for him in this service, and now I intend to keep it going for the duration of his absence. Upon his return, the service will again be headed by him.

    If you ordered an infinite villager from samsimx and your order was not completed, add me to the conversation and bump it.

    I have samsimx's permission to continue this service. PRICES WILL REMAIN THE SAME. The only thing that is really changing is I will be handling most of the orders.


    Paper infinite villager ( 24 paper -> 1 emerald ) - 19,999r
    Glowstone infinite villager ( 1 emerald -> 2-3 glowstone ) - 26,999r
    Bottle o' Enchanting infinite villager ( 1 emerald -> 2-4 xp bottles ) - 26,999r
    Apple infinite villager (1 emerald - > 5-8 apples) - 22,999r

    Saddle infinite villager (6-7 emeralds - > 1 saddle) 22,999r

    If you want a different villager than those offered here, just ask and it can be arranged. For questions, PM bemvino87.

    - Villager Insurance -
    Sometimes, villagers break. There are several ways a villager can break; unloading the chunk that it is in while the villager is refreshing, killing the villager, and (extremely rarely) the villager getting the gold trade. If this happens, I may not be held responsible; leaving the chunks the villager is in or killing it can be avoided and the gold trade has an incredibly slim chance of occurring. However, you may purchase insurance on your villagers for an extra 8,000 rupees at purchase, and if it does break you will receive a new villager 20% off.

    Villagers in Minecraft 1.8:
    The villager trading system is planned to receive a major update in 1.8. With this update, the trades will occur in a set, never-changing order. This means infinite villagers will be impossible to create in Minecraft 1.8. HOWEVER, any infinite villagers created in 1.7 will STILL WORK in 1.8; they will gain another paper trade. These two paper trades will refresh each other, in essence leaving you with another infinite villager. So get them NOW before they are gone forever.

    To order a villager
    Please PM bemvino87 with the type of infinite villager you want, the res and SMP number, and coordinates of where you want the villager. I will add you to the lineup. Please do NOT bump conversations; I don't miss them.

    It may be a few days before I get to your order. There is a waitlist.

    Current number of orders to fill: 7
  2. Bump. Added saddle infinite villagers for 22,999r
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  3. Bump! Working my way through the orders :D
  4. I ordered a glowstone from him, and he never got around to coming to me. Will you now resume his spot for me?
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  5. Add me to that conversation. Editing OP to clarify this.
  6. Question:
    - Villager Insurance -
    Will the villager insurance be available for sam's business?
  7. If you are asking if insurance you purchased before will still count, of course. This is not a new business, I am just heading it for now until samsimx's return.
  8. Just a note to anyone buying, this first of all only works with librarian villagers, and second of all, you do not need to have a villager that was infinite in 1.7 to be infinite in 1.8, just one with a paper trade.

    Also, suggestion:
    You should sell apple infinite villagers. A DC of apples was recently sold for over 40k. This would be effective for a greater profit than glowstone or XP bottle.
  9. Added apple villagers.
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  10. So. I have a sinus infection, can't focus too too well right now and kind of loopy. I will try my best to get this all done, but not sure how effective I will be over the next few days what with doctors appointments and pain. Orders will likely take longer than expected.
  11. i am failing to remember how to pm people
    could i get reminded
  12. Yes. Click on someone's picture and you can click a link to start a conversation. You can also go to their profile and click on information to get the same link. Or you go on your inbox and click start a new conversation and then fill in their name in the designated area.
  13. I have 7 orders to fill, meaning I am likely booked through the weekend... However, I am considering a "renting" idea, which would slash down wait times. Got some more details to work out though, business as usual for now, just reminding you all to please be patient :)
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  14. My apologies. I have been extremely busy with school the past couple of days, final exams coming up, and tomorrow through Friday I will be able to play very little if at all. Due to this, if I have not yet filled your order you will receive a 10% discount. Thanks for your patience.
  15. i would LOVE if i could get a paper and XP bottle infi villager :D
  16. Working through the orders, but it will be stop and go for a bit, I have less time than I thought and my emerald guy is on vacation :(