Inferno's Building & Renovations. Tell me what you want!

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  1. Hello everyone!! Name's Inferno, So_Inferno.... Most of you know me, most of you don't, so i'm here to stand out!!
    Have you ever got bored of minecraft cause your too lazy to build a cool new thing on your plot(s)?? I know I have :p Well i'm here because first of all, I love building. second of all, I want to help YOU change EMC. "But Inferno, how is this going to help out EMC?" Me knowing my self, I have an extremely creative mind and can think of great and nice looking builds, things that can change the way we look at other peoples plots, and change the look of player owned shops and malls to something more... attractive!
    The areas I specialize in are traditional and modern builds, spawn and promo showcase rooms, and interior decorating. Maybe even redstone - depends.
    Contact me via in-game pm or through the website :)
    Here are a few examples of what i have worked of for players in the past day...

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  2. Prices will be negotiated in-game most likely after the build is complete.
  3. I want you to use a lower FOV. :p

    Anywho, do we message you on the forums to hire you?
  4. Woops! lol I'll be sure to lower that next time :p

    But yes, you can contact me through here :)
  5. do you have a picture of a modern build? :)
    and what would a small modern build cost (like 20x20x10)
    id i supply the materials
  6. I actually had a modern house build I was working on with another player but didn't want to show it until the finished product :p

    A modern house (20 x 20 x 10) - my estimate would be around the 20k region (negotiable) with the materials provided.:D
  7. great, i'll shoot you a pm with more info and such tomorrow :)
  8. Great to know ill be working with you!
  9. I would like a shop in smp8 and in smp9 I would like a tower that looks like something the bunny army would make and I tank next to it.
    Perhaps 150k each
  10. Sure! Just hit me up with a pm and I gotchu;):D
  11. Ok but I would like u to start in 3-4 weeks Bc for my birthday I'm getting 500$ from step mom and dad and going to get another 3 million
  12. U like the price? ;) ( you want more?)
  13. Send me a pm! We'll talk there:D
  14. BTW!!! I will also be providing redstone materials :p
  15. Great do now I don't need to buy any
  16. Anotha bump