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  1. The year is 2034.
    Humanity has created and released a plague to end all plagues.
    Humans suffering from the condition sprout green skin and sharp teeth.
    Where there are infected, there are survivors.
    This is their story.
    Jeremy sprinted north, away from town spawn. He could hear a hoard of zombos chasing after him, nearly ripping his summer bikini off. Aikar sprinted behind him, throwing random chunks of java at them before taking a sip of coffee.
    "Jeremy, there's only one thing we can do!" Aikar yelled. He grabbed Jeremy from behind and threw him into the build formerly known as stark towers. Currently to them it was zombo hiding spot.
    Jeremy grimly nodded as Aikar gripped his hand and shouted the command to teleport to the wild. He knew the zombies would be here soon.
    "I threw in a secret bit of code right before the plague hit!" Aikar whispered. "Dragon tombs" he quietly muttered. Jeremy and Aikar ran as hard as they could, through deserts and plains, before collapsing from hunger. They both collapsed on the hot sand of a desert, the sun scorching overhead. They could both hear the zombies slowly coming, but knew there was nothing they could do - they were all out of food. Suddenly out of nowhere, a blocky plane flew in from the south. Creepers begin dropping out of the back of the plane, landing among the zombies. As soon as they landed they detonated, taking out entire swarths of zombies. Jeremy and Aikar could only look up in wonder as their salvation was brought by the mobs they had hated their entire lives.
    Out of nowhere, a creeper landed within five feet of the pair. It detonated, and sent hundreds of pounds of sand into a giant ravine. Aikar and Jeremy stumbled and rolled as the sand pushed them around.
    "Wha?"... Jeremy asked in a confused tone. Aikar rolled over and looked to see where they were. He could see torches and a 2x3 tunnel leading into darkness. He slowly walked towards it, unsure of what to expect.
    As soon as he stood in front of the opening, he felt a wave of heat hit him.
    "Jeremy! Come here!" he shouted. As they both stood there, they knew what this was - a dragon tomb. Aikar looked in confusion at the tunnel. "I didn't code this to be here... None of these are supposed to be this close to spawn.
    Suddenly, a gruff voice from behind coughed and said,"You're right. You didn't code this to be here. I did." Aikar and Jeremy both whirled around to see a stranger with a massive beard slowly walking towards them. The man had a strange thing on him - an orange hardhat.

    The strange man limped forward into the light. Small chunks of enchantment particles swirled around in his beard, which signified one thing – a master coder. He held a carved cane, complete with a swirled diamond emerald blend at the top.

    “I reckon I saved your butts back there, with my plane.” He grunted. He swirled his cane and a wooden chair popped into existence. He slowly sat down and sighed with relief. “I specially coded it. Used to just take it for joyrides, but modified the design a bit when I heard the changes that were being made with the coding. Never know with java.” A sad look crossed his face. “I had to learn that the hard way. A stray bit of coding on my part wiped out a small band of players in the wild… they were never heard from again.” Aikar and Jeremy awkwardly stood there, not knowing how to react. A look of grief seemed to hang on the man’s face.

    “If you don’t mind me asking, sir, who are you?” Jeremy implored.

    “Heh. Don’t even remember your old boss, do you Jeremy?” The man said, laughing.

    “Justin?” He exclaimed.

    “The one and only” Justin replied. “I never truly left here. I can never abandon something I put so much work into. I’ll take you somewhere you’ll be safe.” He said, and began walking away. Aikar and Jeremy looked at each other in amazement and followed.

  2. Fire reporting for story. I love a great read. :D

    10/10 - looking forward to next chapter!
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  3. I didn't understand the stark tower reference ... but the rest was golden :)
  4. OMG I love this! I can imagine this being made into like an amimation or something. 5 Stars! I love little stories that were made by you EMC peoples :D
  5. I guess in 2034 we get dragon tombs. :)
    Good story, 10/10. When's the next part? :p
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  6. Hopefully in the next half hour :p
    The Stark Tower reference was cdd5mance's tower.
  7. Awesome also i think with the TBC guy in hard hat is Turbo builder club (i think) Its from roblox???
  8. TBC means to be continued.
    Second part is up, will try to fix black text.
  9. Looks good, now if only you put this into Minecraft books... hrm....
  10. Will upload next part soonish.
  11. Great read Jacob :)

    I look forward to the next parts!
  12. I have too many other things to read and I can't put this on read later like all those other things.

    From my very quick skim, I only have one thing to say: The word "said" is invisible, people do not notice it. A conspicuous absence, however, is generally more noticeable than the form it obscures.

    I understand that reusing articles is generally taboo, but things like "asked," "said" and "yelled" should be used—where appropriate—far more than their synonyms. People notice those differences.
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  13. Thanks for advice :D
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