Infamous/InFamous 2

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  1. So, for those of you who play the sucker punch game, Infamous, talk about it here =)
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  2. Why did you post the thread twice?
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  3. I did? I didn't notice, this laptop is laggy and must've accidentally pressed the post button twice without knowing, I'll delete it
  4. The only thing I deeply missed out on where UAC was concerned (IF2) were both Kuo & Nix in their conduit forms. Well, that and the b0rked sound on the ice giants.

    Don't get me wrong: they did an awesome job and I also think that adding the devourer into the UAC was a heck of an achievement. Made for great levels and gameplay.

    But I wanted to do a little romance story soooo badly back then, that's why I hoped to get Kuo & Nix and make some "decision" storylines.
  5. I made a straight up comedy mission once. You either saved Zeke, but if he died Cole would say something about eating and ice cream or something like that xD
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  6. Ha ha ha, that reminds me of a level I once made within the festival of blood. 2 levels actually...

    Now, that game is all vampire like stuff and has a really dark atmosphere. So I made a level where the commissioner and 2 of his agents are investigating a murder (skeleton). Gets you a silly opening scene of a cop standing over the skeleton saying: "I'm not fully sure yet but I have the feeling this one is dead".

    The head inspector is trying to frame you (Cole) and he wants you to take out several agents so that he can take over. That's one way to end the level: kill all targets. Or... you can kill the head inspector (after which the level took you less than a minute) and then the agents will comment: "well, guess you're the new commissioner then....". So perfectly silly ;)