Infamous glitchs #2: The Kill Screen

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  1. The Kill Screen glitch isn't really a glitch, but a error in most arcade games made during the golden age of arcade games. The kill screen is a level in a game which is basically impossible to beat. This is because when the game was made, the programmers thought the player would stop playing well before the games limit. If a player DID make it this level, they would get a screen, like this.

    *Pacman kill screen*

    Now, by looking at that picture, you should know that the kill screen levels, are impossible to beat. Minecraft also had something like a kill screen, known as the farlands, which no long exist. I don't have much else to say, as its really is just a game ending level which you can't beat. :/ Sorry for this glitch being small, so I will throw in another Runescape glitch. :)

    The Bloodrune smuggle was a glitch that allowed players to smuggle runes (Used for magic) out of a minigame called Barbarian Assault.. This was done by nulling (Pretty much lagging) your familiar (Pet) into the minigame. From here, you could take runes from an item giver, put them into your pets backpack, and leave the game, with the runes in the pet's backpack. You could them take them out of its backpack, and into yours. These runes worked like any other runes, and could be sold. One player managed to smuggle so many Bloodrunes out, and sell them, that by himself, he lowered their value on the market by around 3GP each. Now, that's not a lot if it was done by many people, but this was done by ONE GUY. This glitch was fixed by Jagex making a special type of rune simply for the minigame, and would not do anything outside of it.

    Thanks for reading! :)
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  3. Also, if you ever wanted to play the duck hunt Chuck Norris plays, just get to level 100.

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  6. I've always wondered about the Kill screen..... Thank you .
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