Infamous glitchs #1: The Falador Massacre

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  1. (New fourm series I'm going to do about game glitchs, mostly game breaking or huge glitchs. I am going to count bugs as glitchs to.)

    The Falador Massacre was a serious glitch/bug that happened in the MMORPG game called Runescape. This happened on June 6, 2006. (6/6/6) This glitch/bug happened due to a flaw in the game, which I will get to later.

    On June 6, 2006, a player by the name of Cursed You, became the first person to get to level 99 (Max level of all skills) of the construction skill. He hosted a party at his house, where you level up your construction skill. Saying this was a huge house party is an understatement. Simply put, the server he was hosting this on, was FILLED completely, mostly for this party. Now, how does any of this have anything to do with this? It has to do with this because his house is where this all started. With the amount of people in his house, it was lagging everything little thing in the house along with everyone in the house, completely out, so he did a force kick on everyone in his house, kicking them out. Now, a force kick like this never happened before this, so any bugs with it were never found, until this day. Everyone got kicked out normally, except for those in the combat ring.

    They were also kicked out, but with something no one else had, they could attack anyone, anywhere on the server, and their prey could do nothing about it, unless the prey was also inside the combat ring, but that number was small. The most famous of the abusers was Durial321, who's rampage is reported to have gone on for 60 minutes, before getting permanent banned by a mod. After that, one of the main mods rushed to Jagex studios, Runescape's makers, to end everything. Basically EVERYONE who had something to do with this, was banned. No official records exist of items lost during this, but one of the most recorded item being taken was a Green Party hat, which is one of the most expensive items in the game. Also, around 2 billion GP was reportedly lost, which in 2012's inflation of the games money, is anywhere from around 50-100 billion GP. Now, the glitch is gone, and nothing like this should ever happen again. This glitch is one of the big remembered events in Runescape History.

    Thanks for reading this, and I will make another one soon! :)

    *Note Falador is the town where this mainly happened*
  2. Lol I remember that, cept I was law running in world 66 back in the day
  3. That's pretty interesting, I can't wait for the next one.
  4. Shouldn't it be Massacre or did you spell it on purpose? I read it Massacure expecting it to have something to do with mass healing or something.
  5. Some good did come from this. Some of the people with the bug went up to areas which had a lot of bot, which are used for gathering items without human input. They killed the bots, which then respawned in Lumbridge, a town in Runescape. The bot killers were also banned, but got banned by killing cheaters.
  6. Misspelled it... Can I mod change the title please? :p
  7. Haha I thought so. Then after I posted I was like "Crap that sounded rude."
  8. Theres a glitch in Super Mario Brothers 1 for the NES. Its one of the most famous glitches in all of video game history according to most places you can view it. When you go to level two (the level underground), after you get to the end, there is a way to phase through a block above the pipe. After that, you can moonwalk backwards through all the blocks and make it to the warp zone. Since you just phased through the blocks, the game doesnt reckognise you as actually in the warp zone. If you go in the pipe, it takes you to level 36 - 1. Since the game doesnt have a sprite for the number 36, it just comes out as -1, and when you make it to the end of that level and go through the pipe, it takes you back to the start of the level again but doesnt reset your time.
  9. Its a cool glitch, but it doesn't really fit with this... :p
  10. Why, because theyre supposed to be infamous?
  11. You could snip it like this.
  12. There is a glitch in Bo2 where a Escort drop or something is under the map and continuously kills you.
  13. Theres a glitch in Fate that Im a little foggy on how to exploit where you can knock enemies, dropped items, and yourself through the ground killing them/you.
  14. -_- This isn't really a glitch discussion thread...
  15. I can´t wait for the next one as I´m not much of a runescape fan.
  16. I used to play it but then they put in these new updates to make it somewhat fair for everyone and killed the trading system. Other than that. There's a glitch on battlefield 3 that everyone sort of knows about in Operation Metro that allows you to go in the walls and shoot players. It was such a good map until people found out about the glitch.
  17. Why don´t they release a patch? Thats what they did to Mario Kart 7 for the Maka Wuhu Glitch skipping over half the course. The best companies always release Patches :p.
  18. Lol they patched some of the spots but there's one on the American spawn side that is still working. I literally want them to patch it with a giant cement wall so people can't get even near the spot
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