Incidental Heroes

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  1. Drought had plagued the town for months, it was hot and dry, and the heat had driven the animals insane. They just stared blankly at the people who passed by, hoping for relief. One day a group of friends had enough and they decided that it was time to call upon the gods and ask them for rain. Soon they had gathered the materials and built their track, after making sure it worked properly they then began to add their sacrifices one by one. The citizens were delighted as their ritual continued on into the night, until a citizen of the neighboring town brought news of the other towns downfall. The citizens soon realized the other 9 towns were crumbling around them from some dark unseen force, and in error/sheer luck had managed to appease the Gods and save their town!

    Actually we just probably caused lag and some lasting mental damage to a Sheep, Mooshroom and a Villager...basically a normal night for Dwight, PortalShoo2er, Britbrit, Sonicol1, Scarligmione and myself.:) This went on for a lot longer than 5ish minutes. >.>

    Also if this is in the wrong category I'm sorry, please move it there?

  2. ...
    okee den
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  3. This is why I stay at the other end of Town. All those Residences in between buffer me from the crazy.
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  4. I think smp7 has a bad case of teh crazies.
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  5. smp7 and 4 have always been nutty
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  6. We're up all night to get nutty.
  7. we've... come too far... to give up... who we are.... so let's... raise the bar... and our cups... to the stars! we're up all night.... (great, now i have that song stuck in my head xD)
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  8. We can do what we want to! (omg I know right princebee >.>)
    Anyways... o3o
  9. A normal day for SMP7.
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  10. That is usual SMP7 for ya. I remember my first night on. Somehow I got married.
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  11. Well then...
  12. Reasons to stay in wild on 7 :p
  13. Why am I always lonely on smp7? :confused:
  14. Horse heads or not that happens.
  15. Bunch of noobs, you forgot to wear the spider heads......:)
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