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What do you think? inappropriate or not?

Yes, it is 0 vote(s) 0.0%
A little bit 3 vote(s) 75.0%
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  1. Everyone knows about it, ISIS is changing the way people think and behave.
    People are terrified these days, and nothing can change that back.

    I was thinking about what is inappropriate these days?
    -Is saying 'Alluh Akbar' seen as inappropriate on Empire Minecraft?
    -Is talking about ISIS seen as inappropriate on Empire Minecraft?
    -Is talking about the cruel things they do inappropriate on Empire Minecraft?


    This post is not intended to hurt anyone!
    I made this post becouse I was thinking what is seeing seen as inappropriate?
    Can u get banned/kicked/muted for saying 'these' things?
  2. I don't see why having a simple discussion about it would be inappropriate, but taking part in it and supporting their beliefs would be in my opinion.
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  3. This is the only one I see a little off, but everything else is fine. Allahu Akbar is now seen as generally associated with terrorism, and not the Islam faith, although this saying means 'God is the greatest' or 'God is good.' It should have no association with the terrorists and their radical, and quite literal following of the Koran. I can see how it was confused though.
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  4. I/other staff will send a message shortly about this thread so that the legitimate answers in this thread are responded to. However, this thread is locked because of the question topic being a source of conflict on the Empire, as are religious threads, etc.
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  5. Krysyy has already given the main reason the thread was closed, it is a discussion about religion and terrorism.

    Please do not discuss these topics as this game is not meant to debate religious/political agendas. Please use chat in a way that you would want it to be used if you are a kid.

    The OP himself was unsure whether he should post the topic. If you are posting a new thread or replying to one, listen to that feeling and refrain, it hurts no one.

    As to the actual questions asked:

    Alluh Akbar: This is a multicultural server. None of the Christians would like to be told they cannot say Amen or that any mention of Christmas or Easter might offend others. Do not fall into the trap of hatred by associating this phrase with evil only. Using the term is likely to cause issues by creating fear and inciting arguments. Unless you are a Muslim and feel you must use this phrase in a religious way, there should be no reason to use it.

    IS/Actions: Please use IS instead of ISIS. There are many young girls called Isis around the world now living in fear because they believe the world hates them. As for discussion, obviously promoting any terrorist ideals is not allowed on EMC forums. Talking about their acts in any other way than to express sympathy for the victims probably shows you have other motives.
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