Inactive or banned player locked chests

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  1. I am currently on a base which has an inactive member who has not logged in for over 40+ days with a locked chest in his room, There is no way of removing this chest to make room for active players and several times I travel in the frontier and notice chests of players who have not logged in for quit some time and they still have locked chests. I think locked chests should have a longer period that nobody can access, but after a certain amount of time their res lot is taken away, so I would highly doubt anything in those chests would be worth more then what they already lost on their res.

    If we can get rid of these chests, or remove the lock status on them so that the area can be used by other players it would be great.
  2. pm a senior staff or a community manager with this issue
  3. We have system in place, if locked chest is in your way at grinder, wild community you can contact Sr. Staff to remove them.
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  4. I have got a few chests removed in my time :)