Inactive kick (bugged?)

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  1. well today I was AFK at a grinder, and it gave me an inactive kick, I thought it only gave those when the server was full, it was at 21 players when I was kicked. help?
  2. It's a bug. Even Utopia is having the same problems...
  3. Justin may have changed how the auto-kick function works. :)
  4. I thought it was a bug. Glad to see JustinGuy improving the Empire 1 step at a time :)
  5. new pain for all enchanter's..... :(
  6. I see it as a good thing. Think about it, so many people were afking at their grinders that the mob cap would be reached within moments, and the guys afking were just like that, afk for hours on end. So monsters were not spawning naturally and one person was taking up all the mobs, so every one else who also owns a grinder wasn't getting any mobs either.

    Afkers pretty much break the game. That's why something had to be done.

    But then again, I could be wrong. Maybe it is just a bug and Justin didn't actually change anything. Who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. sooo that 1 time a went afk for 1 hour and 30 mins wasnt good?? i went from lvl 1 to lvl 57... on a quad zombie with 1 skele...

    its was by accident. i was at the swimming pool came back home and found out i left it running....
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  8. To get from lvl 1 to lvl 57 you needed to kill 1193 zombies or skeletons. Yeah that would have prevented natural spawning.
  9. Jump in a minecart track in a circular motion! Constant movement!
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  10. Lawl an Hour ago I forgot I had been at my blaze grinder for 4 HOURS!
    On tiny render i had 1fps
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  12. Those might be against the rules actually. I need to check my sources, but they might be against the rules.
  13. i dont wanna get in trouble im just saying it happened to me.... it was my second week on EMC and i got fortune..
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  14. I have noticed EMC server population has gone WAY down, Im not sure if this is very necessar (EMC slot wise)
  15. probably... but it hasnt happened since then.
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  16. and, green was talking about the mine cart cheat, not your AFK
  17. oh ok. soz.
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  18. This is WHY it's necessary to change the way autokicks work. Because our servers aren't full 24/7 like they used to be, we need to adjust the way it works to accommodate the number of players on at any given time. Even one person afking at a grinder for a half hour can drastically reduce the way mobs spawn naturally.
  19. As Pablos mentioned JustinGuy says AFK coasters are against the rules in margaritte's post from back in february.

    Unless it's changed in which case Pablos and I are sorry :)
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