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Should I host more Giveaways??

Yes, I love you now 23 vote(s) 82.1%
No, you shouldn't host any more. Save your rupees. 5 vote(s) 17.9%
  1. I am doing a giveaway AGAIN. I love this server and I can't stop playing it, and I'm really sorry if I post late. Only 50 people can join, but if it gets full before christmas, I'll add in 50 more slots. I'm extremely sorry if I don't post your number there, I will try to do it as soon as I can.
    No spamming the thread about not having their number up there. I'll try to put yours ASAP.
    Read the Posts above to see which numbers are posted.
    PRO_G4NGST4 will obviously get a slot, since he helped me a ton last giveaway.
    And Lets do this guys!!
    20k will be given away.

    EDIT: I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING SAYING: Give me any number please. Please put a actual number :/
    1: TomvanWijvin
    2: Penfoldex (Wow, you didn't want to ruin your 2012 posts eh?)
    3: Deathconn
    4: Equinix_boss
    5: Dylan_Frennete
    7: MBA2012 (nice, basketball is a good sport. +100 rupees for you when I can get on :))
    8: Pab10S
    9: 72volt
    12: Dudelol523
    13: cmbcody
    14: Nfell2009
    16: HylianNinja
    17: XxAndster700XX
    19: sonicol1 (Nice profile picture. I'll give you 1 rupee for that :3)
    21: 5weety
    22: _Stads_
    23: Qwerty189
    24: PandasEatRamen (nice skin)
    25: SthenosX (Wow, nice name. I've always been a fan of Greek mythology)
    27: Jay2a
    28: Jrlizard
    29: Hayjam
    30: 333kirby
    31: TheTrufflehunter
    32: Squiglyjeff
    33: Dwight5273
    34: WeirdManiaco
    35: Jimbonothing64
    37: Jake_Bagby
    38: Cub345
    39: MR2R2M
    40: Britbrit3197
    41: MoeMacZap
    42: CousinMusquito
    43: RunningRhino
    44: Diamondlordrocks
    45: Gabrielrocks69
    46: Ninjaboy5656
    47: Iamfuturetrunks
    48: DanielSpeaks
    49: Sha449
    50: jtc0999
    Good luck guys!

    45 Minutes left guys!
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  2. 13 please
  3. 19 plish :3
  4. ^ Done again :D
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  5. 24 My good sir. ~O_. <--Badly done monocle.
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  6. aww thx :3
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  7. Yup. Done (sorry for not uploading your number for a while on my last giveaway xD)
  8. 33, My cheeky fellow *puts on top hat
  9. >.> is this because you want to donate more in total than me? if so, stahp. ;)
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  10. 7 please!
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  11. *note to all*
    I will give some rupees if I like your skin or some Profile Picture or Siggy.
    (Uh.... Im becoming broke... xD)
  12. You want a number? I can get you one...
  13. Okay, last thing before I sleep. G'night everyone.
  14. May i have 40 Please :p
  15. Le 45 Pwease.
  16. Added all of you guys.
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