In Memory Of Bart, my Amazing horse

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  1. On Saturday, June 1, at about 11:00 pm, my amazing horse bart was put down due to a colic. For those who don't know, a colic is essentially a sickness that horses get sometimes. Yesterday it was crazy hot, and the bugs were out, so Bart rolled on the floor to cool himself off and to ward off bugs. eventually, his large intestine got tangled. Now, bart was 23 (retired, and way old for a horse) so surgery was not possible, so we waited a day to see if he would get better. He didn't. We ended up euthanizing him because if he had remained here, he would have died a terrible painful death.

    Bart was amazing. My Dad bought my mother a pearl bracelet, but my Mom asked to return it and buy a horse instead. Well, she did, and got bart. She gave him the nickname Bartles, and started to ride him. He was an amazing horse all of his life. My mom had actually owned him since he was ONE year old!

    A funny thing that happened was that once, when my Mom was riding Bart in a show, there was a Lays chip bag that ruffled across the arena. Bart was so frightened, he jumped out of his horse shoes! Once i find a good Photo out of my 200+ photos of him, i will post one.

    Thanks so much for reading this,
  2. sorry for your loss, he sounded like an amazing horse! :)
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  3. R.I.P. Bart. :(
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  4. Wow, thanks everyone for the support : )
  5. Tech, I am sorry. I was just trying to lighten the mood, and was not thinking. I am very sorry.
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  6. :D its ok : ) thx for that vid, kinda. i am obsessed with mrweebl now XD
  7. lol, if the thread was different, I would have put badgers. :p