In Honor of ISMOOCH

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  1. ISMOOCH has been a great mod so i hung this up in my (weirdly public) storage room!

    Now yall may be wondering... What? are u crazy? it's just a crazy painting!

    But! when if u look at it using the Sphax PureBDcraft Texture pack (i'm too lazy to put link) you see THIS :D


    If ISMOOCH sees this.... i'm not lazy anymore Here's the link! hang this painting and be proud! (if u don't already use a Texture Pack :D)
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  2. Yay! The creator of the art I use for my avatar did all the paintings in Sphax. JustinGuy s avatar is made by the same person.

    TRue story.
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  3. Fake title: In Honor of ISMOOCH
    REAL title: In Honor of Sassy Smooch

    I fixed it for ya :3
  4. NOooooooooooo!
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  5. Thank You :D new title: IN HONOR OF SASSY SMOOCH XD
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  6. First snapshot:

    Amusedstew: thanks for the spit
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  7. I noticed that as well, everyone pay attention to this and nothing else.
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  8. He was spiting with me :p lol
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  9. It was a typo... meant to say split as Joe said.... :oops:
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  10. lol spit sounds funnier
  11. Celebrating your sassiness again, are you? :)
  12. Da Smooch O' Sass? Eh?
  13. image.jpg