Improving SMP4's "Highways"!

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  1. It has come to my attention that SMP 4's Wild "Highways" arent that good! Many of these "Highways" have been badly damaged while some stay intact. Most of the highways are damaged because of creeper explosions and griefers! So i thought it would be a good idea to improve the "highways" but to do this i am going to need people to help me. I hope this will improve the them and make people that use the wild a lot will have their travel made easier by these repairs. You can be on any server to help! :D Here is the material list:
    • Dirt- I will supply this to you or you can bring your own
    • Cobblestone- I can supply some to you or you can bring your own
    • Torches (optional)- I will not supply this but you can bring some with you!
    So if you would like to help me improve SMP 4's Highways please PM me or Post below and i will tell you some more details!
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  2. I'll try and come with you. I love SMP4 and wild travel is hard :(
  3. Awesome! We will need a few more people to help first but when we have i will PM you :D
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  4. Bump!:) Come on people!
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  5. I would not advise torches, as those a valued.
  6. I wish I could help but on smp4 I am very far out in the wilderness, but good luck in your endeavors.
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  7. Okay thanks for you advice although i would not think torches as being valued, coal is very cheap and its mined easily!
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  8. Eh, I'm native to smp2 but feel like helping. Why not! Count me in.
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  9. I'd like to help but i'm at nfell's 'Paradise' outpost :p
  10. Thank you!:D I will message you more details soon about when this is happening!
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  11. Yeah Torches are tooo Valualble. Use Glowstone Instead
  12. Im in!

    I can bring you back and you can help :) We can take the Nether
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  13. If nfell's in. I'm in. Sounds like a party\m/
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  14. Oh it will be :) I cant stay concentrated long... is that a bird?
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  15. Try running 15 double chests from the end to your res; It's really fun *sarcasm*
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  16. So we have:
    • Jake_bagby- Leader
    • nfell2009- Deputy Leader
    • Bunchofbadgers
    • Jacob5089
    • Jcplugs
  17. I'm really excited to help with this; Can you send me more information though? :)
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  18. I am going to be installing bedrock highways on all servers so save your resources and time everyone, I'll try to do 4 tonight.

    Look at 6. 8 and 9 highways
  19. Maybe we could work on the end..? Or nether..
  20. Yay! Thank you Aikar, what direction will it go?