Improvement of (Residence) tag lookup syntax.

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  1. For those of us who work actively with the economy, the process of repeating //v +shop/ several hundred times to find those last few shops that have been hidden from us by RNGesus EMChrist is time consuming and presents an unnecessary amount of chunk rendering. Rather than spam //v +.../ repeatedly, it seems to me that it would be easier to modify the traditional //v +/ code to support a lookup function.

    Instead of selecting one random residence that possesses a specified tag, a modified form of this code could be used with a syntax //v lookup [tag]/ (Or similar) to list the addresses of all residences that possess the specified tag. Depending on how the //v +/ code works, this might actually even be an intermediate step in the existing teleport process. Either way, it does not seem to me that it would be a significantly complicated function to perform, nor would it be as server-intensive as rendering half a dozen residences every time a new shop is desired.

    Additional functionality might also be added to support syntax for searches and teleports using multiple tags (//v +shop +mall/, for instance, being an AND function, or //v +shop -mall/ for a NOT function)

    Although this function would primarily benefit the small(ish) subset of EMC players who spend a large amount of time market hopping, a number of other potential uses do exist, such as allowing players the ability to tag all of their residences with a specific code that is present upon a //v lookup, or the granting of all administrative service plots (Parks, monuments, ect) a unique staff code so that players can look up and discover monuments and staff builds in their own time.
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  2. Something like this already exists: /res list <tag>. So if you do: /res list +shop you'll get an overview of all the residences which use the shop tag.

    Which in its current form can be a little tricky to use (IMO) because it shows the results in pages. So when you have a lot of residences to list you could be repeating the command a few times.
  3. I completely did not know that, thank you.
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  4. it bugs me when I use the v +shop and it takes me to res without shops. I waste so much time trying to find res with actual shops on them
  5. You can report them with
    /report name SS shop tag used but no shops on res.
    Or something like that. as long as you add. SS in it.