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  1. In light of recent events (and ones that happened very long ago in the past), the rules have received a small update. This rule has always applied to EMC, but to avoid any confusion, has been bumped up to a major rule.

    8. Intentionally causing public drama is not allowed
    Intentionally doing anything that is likely to cause public upset, arguments, riots, or any other negative action, for any reason, is not allowed. Players who are upset with a moderation decision, or any other action should contact the Community Managers. They should not use any of EMC's features, including, but not limited to the forums, and in-game chat to intentionally cause drama.

    The original rule 8 has now been bumped down to rule 9. Rule 7 has had additional clarification that PvP IS allowed in /v pvp... yes, apparently that wasn't obvious.

    As always, the rules are available at http://rules.emc.gs for your gracious viewing. :D
  2. I thought it would be good for someone to define drama

    noun: drama; plural noun: dramas

    1. a play for theater, radio, or television.
      "a gritty urban drama about growing up in Harlem"
    2. synonyms: play, show, piece, theatrical work, dramatization More
      • drama as a genre or style of literature.
        "Renaissance drama"

    3. 2. an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances.
      "a hostage drama"

      synonyms: incident, scene, spectacle, crisis;
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  3. Just a note that in term of the specific rule, drama refers to the explanation given under the heading. :p
  4. Oh no, wouldn't want to put on a show in front of a server!
    (This is a joke :p)
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  5. What if I don't feel like being a submissive sheep? Would if I feel like being a...
    Dramatic cow?
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