Important Announcment

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  1. Hello Fellow EMCers,

    I have a couple of announcements

    First Announcement
    All SMP7ers Who wrote a letter to Santa or those who wrote a letter
    Can pick up there gift on Christmas Eve at /v 14422
    After the reading of The Night Before Christmas

    Witch Brings Me to My Second Announcement
    Event: Reading of The Night Before Christmas
    Date: Christmas Eve
    Time: 8:00 P.M. EMC Time
    Where: SMP7 at /v 14421
    I hope so see you there :)

    Special Thanks to EquaLivern for letting me use his 3rd for the Christmas Eve Event and for letting me use his 4th res for setting up the gift box for those who wrote a letter to Santa. With out his help this couldn't be possible for me to do. And a special huge thanks for all those who donated to the gift box it means so much to see others contribute to a great idea of giving.

    P.S. Those who come to the Christmas Eve Event get a gift from the gift box on the Christmas Event res. Don't miss out supplies are limited.

    Thank You From:


    If you have any question or concerns please inbox me
    Or comment down below
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  2. Only 5 More Days
    Till The Christmas Eve Event
    I am Getting Supper Excited!!!!
    I hope to see you all there.
  3. Sadly I will not be able to attend, as your Christmas Eve, is my Christmas Day :) I hope it all goes well!
  4. Hey come anyways it'll be a great time. Weather its your Christmas, Christmas Ever or if you don't celebrate Christmas at all just come any ways it'll be great time.
  5. Only 4 more days Super Dooper Excited!!!!1
  6. I hope to see you all there!!! :D
  7. Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn! 3 more days
  8. I should be able to come.
  9. That's great I can't wait to see you there
  10. The day has finally arrived i hope to see you there at 8 PM EMC time